Author: Wendy Browne

Get Your Game On: #MeToo, Women of LEGO NASA, and Gambling Gamers

I am pleased to report that, after flailing and whining about how hard Overwatch’s update to its “Junkenstein’s Revenge” battle is, my friends and I have now mastered it and I have even scored myself Symmetra’s gorgeous new dragon costume. This year’s version of the battle now includes Symmetra as “The Summoner,” increasing the challenge of the four-person mission to defend a castle from Junkenstein and his minions. It also offers an additional version that lets players play as another four characters from the growing game roster. If you’re not playing Overwatch yet and have no idea what I’m talking about,...

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Get Your Game On: Gearing Up for Extra Life

I’ve been doing a lot of walking this week, starting with last Sunday’s Terry Fox Run. This week, I’m turning my thoughts to a different charity as I ramp up my Extra Life campaign. There are many reasons why gamers worldwide will be gathering together on November 4th to support the Children’s Miracle Network. My reason began over a decade ago when a Sick Kids Hospital radio-a-thon woke me up to the struggles of children and families at the hospital and the 24/7 fight to give those kids the lives they deserve, free of pain and illness. I made a commitment...

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