Author: Stephani Hren

Inverness Nights Reminds Us of the Perils of a Bad First Impression

Inverness Nights is a visual novel that follows the story of Tristam, a sellsword turned skilled tailor with an unusual talent for curing decay. The game begins in the aftermath of Tristam’s decision to use his unique powers to de-age his partner, Alasdair. With his social standing destroyed and his body plagued by the remnants of his elderly condition, Alasdair swears vengeance on Tristam by threatening to report him for “buggery” (anal intercourse, which is illegal in 18th-century Scotland). Tristam’s only option is to make enough money to leave Inverness, and so the player embarks on a journey to...

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WWAC’s PAX West Awards: Smooching Our Way Through The Show Floor

This year’s PAX West was a whirlwind, as always. With three of our writers on site for most of the convention, we decided it was in everyone’s best interests to wrap our favorites up in one tidy article, spotlighting the individual achievements of each. While we can’t cover every single game we played at the convention, we can certainly share our favorites in a variety of categories with you. From cooking to smooching to stumbling through darkened caves, these are the best games we played at this year’s PAX West. BEST IN SHOW Joesph Langdon: Monster Prom. Maybe it’s...

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