Author: Naseem Jamnia

Unfortunately, Fighting Fantasy Legends Is An Exercise In Frustration

Fighting Fantasy Legends Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone Nomad Games Steam, iOS/Android I decided to play Fighting Fantasy Legends game because I misread the title and thought it was a Final Fantasy card game on Steam. It’s not either of those things. Fighting Fantasy Legends is marketed as a card game but is actually a point-and-click tabletop RPG. (Apparently, it is actually based on a tabletop RPG, which would have been helpful to know.) And after the first few hours, where you’re struggling to figure out just how to play this game, it’s a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it was disappointing in...

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Heated Gaming Moments: What’s Acceptable? (Not Racism)

Felix Kjellberg once again has said something racist. In a livestream last week he used a racist slur. Noted buffoon Ian Miles Cheong chose to mischaracterise this as understandable; as Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, let loose the term whilst in a “heated gaming moment”–angry because he was momentarily losing at a game–Cheong suggested that both the phrase and its use were meaningless. In fact, of course, what a person has allowed themselves to become comfortable proclaiming (internally or externally) is what will come out of their mouth when they are excited and cross. If Kjellberg is comfortable with...

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