Author: Al Rosenberg

Mangaka: Play with Your Comics

My day job is at a millennial tech start-up. We talk a lot about “how to get people to engage with each other” and there are so many ways and reasons and I have found a great one: Mangaka. Over two years ago, I interviewed Mangaka lead designer Jason Thompson and producer Jumana Al Hashal about the game and their decision to fund it through Kickstarter. Al Hashal told me then, “We always get asked if you have to be good at drawing to play, and the answer is no, much like you don’t need to be a musician to play...

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Get Your Game On: Games Might Not Make You Evil

Are you all playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild? How do you even have time to read this? Well, I’m glad you took a break from crafting floating rafts to read some news with me! Who said that games wouldn’t get you anywhere? Well, you can prove those haters wrong. Apparently CIA agents are being trained with board games! “Gaming is part of the human condition. Why not take advantage of that and incorporate into the way we learn?” Clopper said Sunday at a games-themed panel discussion at the South by Southwest Interactive technology festival. Clopper and other CIA officers...

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Get Your Game On: Superbowl Ads and Morrowind

Hey there, Gamers! It’s Al, phone-gaming and writing to you through a fog of deadlines and head cold. Time has lost all meaning for me, so let’s look at some news! Including the Superbowl? Sports! The Superbowl happened here in the United States and I know because now YouTube is showing me a bunch of Superbowl commercials. Delightful. Forbes suggests that the best commercials of the game were the video game commercials (as well as the tv and movie, but still). Beast Boost Mode We’ve mentioned it before, but I’m still curious about it. PlayStation has promised that the...

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