Sidequest is Bleating Heart Press’ video games vertical, and we couldn’t be happier to be here.

As part of Bleating Heart Press, we value and center the voices of all non-binary people and all women. Our volunteer staff is comprised of writers of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and genders, and we celebrate what each of them has to say about games and gaming culture.

We call ourselves Sidequest because we’re not aiming to be the main story; we embrace the strange, the unconventional, the texture and flavor that make the world rich and lively. We like the side-stories, the supplemental material and codex entries that enrich our understanding of the fictional spaces we inhabit. We want to look at games sideways, upside-down, and in slow motion, shining a light on the things others might miss.

What you’ll find here is critical deconstructions, personal essays, poetry, comics, and anything else you can imagine on the subject of video games. We publish verse about the hundredth time you died in Bloodborne, or listicles on all your favorite video game mustaches. We want deep-dives, different ways of seeing and playing, and games writing that isn’t always about what the most popular game of the moment is.

Games, to us, are personal. We want to talk about them as individuals and as a community—sometimes on a highbrow level, sometimes on a lowbrow one. Our coverage is as unique and varied as our contributors, and we celebrate the diversity of opinion and individual perspectives people from all walks of life bring to video games.

We hope you like what you find here.

Editorial Staff

Melissa BrinksName: Melissa Brinks

Brief Bio: Melissa Brinks is Sidequest’s editor in chief, co-creator of the Fake Geek Girls podcast, and an aspiring beekeeper. She once won an argument on the internet, and tweets at @MelissaBrinks.

Pitch Contact:

Areas of Interest: Narrative-driven games, visual novels, fantasy, romance, queer themes, gaming culture and community, and Alistair Theirin.


Soco CinconeguiName: Soco Cinconegui

Brief Bio: Soco Cinconegui is Assistant Editor at Sidequest and Narrative Designer at a game dev studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She regularly tweets pics of her dog at @SocoCinconegui —It’s a very cute dog.
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Areas of Interest: Game development, feminist and postcolonial critique, gaming culture in developing countries. Roleplaying games, The Sims, Twine games and other text-based games.


Naseem JamniaName: Naseem Jamnia

Brief Bio: Naseem Jamnia is the Managing Editor at Sidequest, a freelance writer, and was once a scientist doing sciencey things. Now, they release a weekly newsletter called the Tuesday Telegrams, tweet at @jamsternazzy, and dream about collecting all the cats.

Pitch Contact:

Areas of Interest: Personal essays on gaming, anything on old games, (marginalized) identity and gaming, game translations of movies/books/etc (and vice-versa). Give me anything on Borderlands, Resident Evil, Zelda, and Last of Us. I also want your gaming poems!